Cheryl Bonita Lee



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Author/ Night Shifters

This is my very first book. And I am very excited. I know the readers are going to love it. Follow a young teenage boy on a journey to end his nightmares. He will learn that discovering his past will change his future forever. Here is the synopsis:

It follows a boy, Kyle, who has sort of prophetic dreams and who can see things that others can not see in the darkness. All of which he doesn't completely understand but, these things lead him of a journey to figure out what they are and what they want with him. As a character, Kyle is very likable and easy to relate to as a person that feels cast out from "normal" people because of his personal issue. The other characters also add to his feeling of being out of the loop. The book is sci-fi in the sense that it takes something "spiritual" or "from the unknown" and applies it to a scenario that anyone can understand. With that being said, some of the things in the book may have you staring at dark corners as if something is there. It has a slight edge of suspense for those of you who like the unexpected. Besides after reading this book you may find yourself staring into the dark to see in something is staring back at you.