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Many years ago a man child was born in the promised land. Little did the parents of the boy know that one day he would grow up to be special and…’

I began my writing career in 1993, after researching terrorist activity from around the world. Since that time I have several other books in the working, including sequels to S*T*A*R. I didn’t realize at the time that I was going to write this book. My research was predominantly because I was searching for a reason why certain people would commit such barbarous actions on innocent people.

Needless to say I did write the book and I’m glad I did. Now about myself. Well, I’ve always wanted to write since high school where I was in journalism classes. The small town I lived in had a deal with the local newspaper that the journalism students would write the sports stories for the local high school games.

That is how I started out writing. When I got older I did some writing for the Tulsa World, a newspaper in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I wrote the sports op ed’s there. It also helped that I was dating the sports editors’ daughter at the time. I took courses in Lithography, which deals with ‘cutting and pasting’ articles for newspapers. This was before the internet took off. I did it the old way, manually. I like to think that I was fairly good at this. After a while I took to the road for several years, traveling around the country.

Yes, I did quite a bit of hitch hiking to get around. I would take jobs in towns and cities, usually temporary jobs for several months and then continue on the road. I even joined the carnival one time, working gigs up and down the New England coast. This afforded me the opportunity to get to know a lot of people.

In my travels I worked many jobs from cook to the security industry, which I've been in for the past twenty years or so. This profession afforded me extensive training and experience in various areas of the security and law enforcement industry, such as observation and detection of the crime scene, workplace violence and harassment, weapons training, bodyguard techniques, bomb scene search techniques, even training on spotting possible terrorist activity and threats, to name a few.

I met many people who were affected by terrorism at one time or another in their lives. These people, comprised of military, law enforcement and civilians, gave me the inspiration to write my book. This was prior to 1993. I researched this thing back to the early 1900’s. Of course this has been going on much further back then that. You could say that the first murder, of Abel by his brother Cain, was the first act of terrorism and from there it spread throughout history.

In those years on the road I kept a journal of my travels and the people and places I'd been. Once I started my research on terrorist activity, which included reviewing newspaper articles and watching news reports and documentaries on the subject, I incorporated my travel journal into this as well. I did this for four years, from 1993 to 1997, when I finished writing the book. Nine years later I finally had the opportunity to have it published. It's been a long road from those times. I sincerely hope that you enjoy the book as much as I've enjoyed writing it.

Paul C. Kerr

But, I digress, after all I am an author. Hi, my name is Paul C. Kerr, the author of my new and first book S*T*A*R, Surveillance of Terrorist Actions and Retaliation, on sale now at book stores around the world. (It’s true, go to


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