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Night Shifters



Ever stare intothe dark and wonder if something was looking back at you? Ever think that yousaw something so real but later, thought that maybe you did not and that youreyes were just playing tricks on you. On the other hand, perhaps you did see somethingso scary that you were too afraid to tell anyone in fear that people would callyou crazy or would not believe you.

Ever feel likesomeone is standing behind you but, no one is there? Well get ready to take ajourney into the life of Kyle Green, a young teenage boy whose nightmaresbecomes clues to the missing pieces of a puzzle about his life. As he learnsmore about the unknown, he will meet another young boy just like him who alsoholds the key to unanswered questions about him.


 Which will help him learn to search for thetruth about his past, present and future to save his family and possibly humanity.

He also falls in love with a girlwho is strong spirited who captivates his heart and she too will help him onhis journey. Follow a young man on a quest as he tries to end the nightmaresand defeat the unknown. With help from his friends and a local schoolteacher,Ms. Creed who also learns that she will play a key role in this mystery.

Kyle will learnmore truth about his parents. Keep your eyes open wide they are everywhere andyou will never know when or where they might strike.



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